Our identity

Ecotek was founded in 2018 under Ecopark Group to establish an inclusive ecosystem with the goal of weaving community and technology to work towards a continually evolving model city of the future for Vietnam.

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We believe people are the power of urban innovation.

True empowerment of community means equipping people with the right tools to seamlessly thrive in urban innovation and allowing like-minded people to be our guiding star. We put human-centeredness at the forefront of our endeavors because we understand that community is the lifeblood of any city like gear cogs in a well-oiled machine, always in a fluid, ever-changing state.

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We believe in sharing our compass with the world

As we continue to find solutions to building cities of the future, we strive to be resourceful to always find alternative ways to solve problems through a wider lens of a visionary. As leaders, we would like to share our compass to help others navigate the path of the urban innovation.

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We believe in pushing the boundaries of urban innovation

We are always on the look out for new and innovative horizons. With Ecopark as an ideal the proving ground for data learning we are always seeking for collaborative partners to make a vision a reality in the pursuit towards a true definition of technology, into the field of urban planning.

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Live Smart,

Live Sustainably

A Glimpse Into Ecopark

Ecopark is a newly built city in the periphery of Hanoi City with currently over 20.000 residents & 1.2 million trees. By providing the residents a range of public services such as property management and bus management, Ecopark is committed to offering the highest level of public services at affordable costs to ensure a modern, cultured society that it's residents can take pride in living in.


Ecopark's values lies within building community, retaining culture & enforcing nature.


Our partners

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Feel free to come visit us at our open office. We are just above Starbucks in Ecopark!


Level 2, Ecotek Building, Summer Park, Ecopark Township, Van Giang, Hung Yen.


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