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Are you interested in being a part of the team who built one of Vietnam's first digital cities? Or working with a diverse set of co-workers from different parts of the world? Or are you the type of person who likes to challenge yourself in solving hard problems? Well then, YOU are ONE OF US.


We are individuals who want our work to mean something, so that over time, we can step back and see the difference we made. We believe that the best way to achieve this is to build a transparent and open work environment.


Located away from the noise and pollution of Hanoi, we at Ecotek are working with and amongst the nature in Ecopark. This enables us to feel calm and stay focused, so that we can take firm, but playful steps towards our vision; empower communities by providing the tools to collectively pioneer the future of cities.


If you feel intrigued and you don’t see a position that fits you below, don’t hesitate to contact us for a friendly call to discuss your potential in the team.

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