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Ecotek at CDSD 2020 International Conference: “What made a Smart City?”

On November 24th, 2020 , CEO Nguyen Ngoc Bao Lam represented Ecotek to speak at the international conference “Construction Digitalisation for Sustainable Development (CDSD 2020): Transforming through Innovation” on the topic of “What keeps a city “Smart”? Exploring the sustainable engine of a city through a historical context”


“Smart Cities is not a static goal, but rather an ever evolving process, always looking towards the future, never content with the now. The desire to build a city, must not begin with the desire to build the physical infrastructure of a city, but the desire to build a community. To build a community with positive integration, around a single collective desire for innovation, and collective learning. Only then, can we ensure that whatever we build today, can potentially outlast us long before we are gone.” - Mr. Bao Lam stressed. 


The conference was co-organized by Construction University, Institute of Construction Economics - Ministry of Construction and BIM Academic Forum - with Ecotek as Platinum sponsor.

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