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Ecotek joined Nordcham

In the first quarter of 2023, Ecotek proudly became a member of Nordcham - Nordic Chamber of Commerce Vietnam. Joining Nordcham marks the beginning of a journey where we aim to provide valuable support as our members navigate the dynamic Vietnamese business landscape. The four core values of membership with NordCham include:

1. Connections: Connect members with industry experts, and potential partners where the connection is proven to be mutually beneficial.

2. Exposure: Bring exposure and promote members’ brands at Nordcham/ EuroCham events, on professional and social media platforms.

3. Market updates: Access and member rate to Nordcham & EuroCham events (up to 60 events/year) including networking, business conferences, seminars, exhibition, forums, to expand your network and explore business opportunities.

4. Advocacy: Nordcham ensures that members’ issues and recommendations is prioritized at the government level by active participation in EuroCham Vietnam sector committees and at EuroCham board level as well as in close collaboration with Nordic Embassies and other advocacy channels.

We look forward to working together under the organization and supporting the journey towards success!

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