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Ecotek is a technology consultancy and outsourcing firm established in 2018 as an extension of Ecopark Group's smart city planning initiative. Our expertise has enabled us to lead the group's efforts in providing smart city solutions for its 35,000 residents and over 1 million annual visitors across the country. Through our collaborations with international partners, we have developed a robust city operating system that connects data, people, and governance at a new level.


In 2021, Ecotek launched Ekko (, a financial wellness service designed to enhance the financial lives of employees by transforming the way they receive their pay. Our innovative service empowers employees to access their salaries on demand via our app, thus enabling greater control and financial stability. Our research with existing partners indicates that on-demand salary access is a vital factor in attracting and retaining talent, particularly within the manufacturing and service industries. Ultimately, our goal is to reduce the reliance on predatory lenders and debt traps, which can have significant implications for the overall health of the economy.

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Humanity is the key to all innovation

"Technology for Humanity" is the philosophy that we pursue. Ecotek places human and communities at the center of our journey because we understand that to be of value, technology must serve the community, enrich (materially and spiritually) humanity, and create social prosperity.

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Creating and sharing visions

When providing consultancy and finding solutions for any issue, Ecotek always aims to solve problems in the smartest way through observing issues from multiple perspectives. As an industry leader, we want to share our knowledge, experience, and expertise in the development and innovation of technology.

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Break all limits

Ecotek always seeks innovative and creative ways of excecution. We continuously experiment, collect and analyze data, as well as seek opportunities to collaborate with partners towards a common goal.

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Live Smart,

Live Sustainably

A glimpse into our expertise 

In the context of Vietnamese businesses making efforts and achieving more success in digital transformation and practicing ESG, Ecotek is honored to contribute to the common cause with continuous efforts on the journey of creating 'Technology for Humanity'.

No limit is unbreakable, no challenge is unbeatable, and the Ecotek team will not hesitate on the path of dedication to a prosperous future.


Our partners

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Feel free to come visit us at our open offices.

Ecotek Technological Services Joint Stock Company

HQ: Level 2, Ecotek Building, Summer Park, Ecopark Township

Hanoi Office: 180 Trieu Viet Vuong Str., Hai Ba Trung Dist., Hanoi

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