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Senior Backend Developer

By joining our team you will be able to help shape a team, and application in the fintech domain, that will be expanding heavily within the upcoming months and work closely with our co-founding team 🤝


Ekko is Ecotek’s core product that we are taking to market - a FinTech product devoted to giving workers access to their earned wages when they need them. Our app that we developed, deployed and tested in just 4 months provides low wage workers in Vietnam with financial services that help them avoid debt, manage their finances, and regain flexibility to pay for things on their own schedule.

We are now ready to scale our team up and we are looking for a senior backend developer that will take a big part in the responsibility of building a product that can help our end users achieve better financial wellness. By joining our team, you will get to work closely with senior developers that are eager to share their knowledge. You will be able to help shape a team, and application, that will be expanding heavily within the upcoming months.

What you will do

  • Work closely with other developers to design, build, and maintain efficient, reusable, and reliable codes.

  • Write both unit and integration tests, and develop automation tools for daily tasks. 

  • Integrate a backend API and database with a frontend solution to give our users an optimal experience.

  • Help shape a team, and product, by applying your own personal knowledge.

  • Challenge ideas and opinions to avoid pitfalls and inefficient solutions.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s Degree or higher, major in IT, Computer Science, or equivalent experience in professional development.

  • At least 02-year experience as a backend developer using one of the following frameworks including: Spring Boot or Laravel.

  • Hands-on experience with SQL databases.

  • An understanding of core backend methodology like REST, Design Patterns, and common pitfalls when using one of the framework: Spring Boot or Lavarel.

  • Ability to write effective unit and integration tests 

  • General knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, ReactJS, NodeJS, and frontend development is a plus.

Perks for joining Ecotek

  • Be part of building a long-term product and defining the future of real estate in the proptech domain.

  • Be part of an open startup culture where you can see your ideas put into action right away.

  • Flexible working location in Ecopark or our new office in Hanoi.

  • Ecotek can provide free housing in Ecopark and transportation upon request.

  • Bonuses based on projects.

If you are interested apply at

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